Simplify Device Management With Microsoft Modern Management

Using Microsoft Modern Management can be a great way to simplify device management. It reduces time and effort spent on managing endpoints and can help improve security. Its features are designed to help organizations reduce costs and improve employee productivity. Its co-management features enable organizations to maintain ConfigMgr for other workloads while enabling users to manage their own devices through Intune.

Modern management is a new way of managing Windows 10 devices. It is based on the Enterprise Mobility + Security strategy. It combines the Microsoft 365 suite of services with the Windows 10 platform to simplify device management. It helps organizations simplify their device estate by creating configuration groups based on device profiles. It also auto-enrolls devices into Intune and links them to Azure Active Directory. It also reduces the time and effort required to manage Windows 10 devices. It is designed to simplify the end user experience by providing visibility, configuration options, and insights into device performance. It also helps reduce the number of crashes and boot times. It also reduces costs through reduced licensing costs. It offers a single common management tool that helps manage Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Microsoft modern management uses the Microsoft Intune cloud-based unified management solution to provide secure access to corporate data and BYOD equipment. It also provides tools to help organizations manage user configuration and compliance. It can integrate with System Center Configuration Manager. It is a great way to simplify device management and save on licensing costs.

Modern management is also based on the Microsoft 365 suite of services, including Office 365 for MDM. Its cloud-based MDM tools allow organizations to manage a range of devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and other platforms. It also provides an integrated way to deploy Win32 Apps. It has a unique app packaging format called MSIX that allows legacy apps to be distributed using unified tools. It might not be able to completely modernize legacy apps, but it can improve security and ease the deployment process for many existing applications.

A survey by McKinsey found that organizations save an average of USD 5.3 million by modernizing desktops. It also showed that organizations spend an average of 18 percent less time on device management administration after switching to Intune. This can help organizations improve employee productivity and security. It also frees up IT resources for innovation. It is included in Microsoft 365 licenses and is free for organizations to use.

Modern management also includes automation, which helps organizations speed the transition to full modern management. It enables organizations to automatically join Windows 10 devices to Azure Active Directory and create configuration groups based on device profiles. It helps organizations save time and effort by reducing the number of users required to perform a deployment. It also provides a centralized view of device health and can enable remote actions. Its agents can execute PowerShell scripts on Windows 10.

Modern management is a way to simplify device management and improve security. It focuses on security for endpoints, as well as data and applications. It provides a more efficient way to manage devices and can help organizations improve their end user experience. It is also a more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.

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