How to Write Good Opening Lines

Whether you’re sending an email or text message, your opening line is the first impression you make on your recipient. It can either ruin your chance for a conversation or make it easier to get started. Good opening lines capture the reader’s attention and build a sense of curiosity. They should leave just enough intrigue to entice the reader to keep reading. You can use a little bit of symbolism to create the mood.

Good opening lines can be fun or witty, but they should also be genuine to your personality. Your opening line should make the recipient smirk or chuckle, and it should be easy to respond to.

An opening line should also be short. If you’re sending an email, a one-paragraph opening line is usually sufficient. This is because the recipient is likely to look at the snippet before deciding whether to read the full email or not. If you’re using an email client like Gmail or Outlook, the snippet is displayed on the screen. If you’re sending a text message, it’s more important to use a direct and personalized address than a generic opener.

There’s a reason that the opening line of a book is called the “hook” – it should be able to elicit an emotional response in the reader. A good hook can be a claim, a question, a questionable statement, or something else. Ultimately, your hook should be something that a reader will not expect, which can be a challenge. If your opening line doesn’t deliver, your reader will sense it a mile away.

Another good opening line to use on a dating app is the “hey” line. It’s a simple way to elicit an emotional response, and it can work on many different dating apps. This line is especially popular on Tinder, where girls often want to feel secure and fun. It can also stir up mushy sides and invoke thoughts of meeting up.

If you’re a first-time writer, it can be easy to forget that a good opening line should do more than simply introduce yourself. It should elicit an emotional response from your reader, and it should introduce the theme of your book in a subtle way.

The best opening lines also make the reader think. It should contain an interesting tidbit, a fun fact, or something else that makes them want to know more. For example, you might mention an upcoming event for the company you’re writing to, or you might mention a common interest. This will establish a connection, and your reader will be interested in knowing more.

If you’re using a dating app, it’s best to be yourself, rather than trying to make up some gimmick. You don’t want to come across as too serious or too silly. But you also don’t want to come off as boring or uninteresting. You should also be open to responding to your match’s messages. This can help establish a bond and lead to a real-life date.

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