Getting to Mojacar

Flights to Mojacar

There are several airports which service Mojacar.  Almeria is probably the closest at only 40 minutes away, and generally the airport that we use.

Murcia is a bit further – but easily doable.

airports of spainmap-spain

I have friends who regularly use Alicante airport to get to Mojacar, not least of all because there are much better bargains to be had on the prices of flights, plus there’s more flexibility on travel dates and times, but the downside is that journey time from Alicante airport is about 2 hours.

Car hire from the airport

Typically we hire a car from the airport.  Our experiences have been very mixed.

  • Frustratingly, often what seems to happen is what we pay for in the UK, is not recognised by the agents in Spain and we have to pay again.
  • Finally we’ve hit upon a good experience by going direct to GoldCar.  Email me for the contact details of the lady we use.  Of course, there are a number of different car hire companies at each of the airports.

For your first taste of Spain, don’t have a coffee at the airport – about 15 minutes after you’re on the road, at turnoff 417 there is a hotel / cafe.  Excellent coffee – and depending on the time of your flight – a chance to watch locals in Spain.  The truckers having a coffee and a small something …. Well, it might not be to your taste but we love to stop there!

Once we’ve hired our car, we’ve never had a problem driving in Spain, but here are a couple of sites with a few driving hints and tips.

Bus from the airport

Of course, not everyone wants to hire a car as soon as their plane touches down.  If that’s you, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is an alternative way of getting from the airport to Mojacar.  A shuttle bus operates from the airport:

Which airport you arrive at will determine the price of the shuttle bus.

Car Hire within Mojacar

If you take a shuttle bus to the resort of Mojacar, you might want to hire a car for a day, or a just a couple of days.  This is entirely possible – and is a very different sort of driving to the stress of driving from an airport.   There’s a car hire company on the corner of La Mata:

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Mr Philip Noad

10th November 2016 at 12:21 pm

Love the web site full of useful info – especially the tip about the coffee stop. Holidaying in Mojacar in early December, flying into Alicante. Never visited Mojacar in winter and never without own transport. So would like contact details for GoldCar lady please.


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